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Ford's entire 2017 Lineup to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Ford Motor Co. is bringing on the technology in their new 2017 lineup. The automotive company plans to add apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity to it's full list of vehicles in 2017. That will be the fastest rollout of technology in the U.S. by an automaker.

A lot of companies have been integrating new technology into their vehicles but not as much as Ford has just done. Ford's full 2016 lineup did not have apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity but now all at once these features are being added to every 2017 model. Also all Ford and Lincoln vehicles across the board will have the features built into Sync 3 by the end of the year. In terms of functionality, simplicity and user experience, the Sync 3 is a major upgrade over the MyFord Touch System which will allow a variety of apps and functions to be used off of a smartphone using the vehicle’s touch screen and voice control.

With all the technology being added to vehicles, safety advocates hope driver's will continue to keep their concentration on the road and not let the technology become a distraction to put themselves or others in danger.

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