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Hyundai pushing Green Car movement with new "Future Lab"

Maverick Staff with Hyundai Sources

Hyundai Motor Company has opened the Project Inoniq Lab, which exeutives say will take the company into the future, helping researchers develop future vehicles. An opening ceremony for the Lab was held this week in Pangyo, south of Seoul.

It's all pat of a plan, or project that was announced back in March at the Geneva Auto Show. The Lab will operate on something the company calls and open innovation system that combines internal and external information, allowing researchers to better prepare for the future. In short they are trying to forecast future trends, or "Megatrends" as those involved in the project are calling them, so they can design vehicles that will best fit into the needs of the world in the future.

The 12 megatrends identified are:

  1. Hyper-connected Society

  2. Hyper-aging Society

  3. Eco-ism

  4. Multi-Layered Mash-up

  5. Context-awareness-based Individualization

  6. High Concept Society

  7. Decentralization of Power

  8. Anxiety and Chaos

  9. Sharing Society

  10. Co-evolution

  11. Mega-urbanization

  12. Neo-frontierism

The name "Project Ioniq" originates from the Hyundai vehicle named "Ioniq", which is equipped with an electric drive systems for hybrid, and EV vehicles.

South Korea’s largest automaker Hyundai Motor Co. opened the Project Ioniq Lab that will lead the company’s research and development projects on future vehicles. Hyundai Motor said in a disclosure statement on Tuesday that it held an opening ceremony of the Project Ioniq Lab center at a business complex in Pangyo, south of Seoul. The Project Ioniq Lab is a part of the Project Ioniq that the auto maker unveiled in March at the Geneva International Auto Show with a goal to spearhead the future auto technology. The name Project Ioniq comes from the Korean automaker’s electric vehicle that is equipped with environmentally-friendly power train lineups for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric cars.

“We will make endless efforts to study cars and bring forth the innovation in future transportation,” said Cho Won-hong, Hyundai Motors Vice President.

Ten key researchers will work at the main lab, with ten additional researchers working internationally offering "advices".

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