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Porsche's first EV to be based off Mission E and use Le Mans 919 Hybrid tech

Porsche has been experimenting with electric vehicles for the last few years. Many concept cars have been revealed by the automotive company but the Mission E that was released at the Frankfurt Motor Show late last year was intended to be used on the road in a couple of years. Now it looks like that may be coming to fruition as Porsche is jacking up it's EV development in plans to release their first all electric vehicle based off the Mission E in 2020.

The Mission E of the future will look a lot like the Le Mans Prototype Porsche 919 Hybrid under the hood as the 800-volt powertrain in the Mission E is being added to the Le Mans prototype vehicle. The 919 is being used to test the voltage level for forthcoming hybrid systems as the company says they are continuing to learn more and more about EV tech and how to better perfect their vehicles.

The year 2020 seems to be the release for quite a few new electric vehicles from motoring companies and now it's time to add Porsche to the mix.

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