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Find where you parked your vehicle with help from Apple iOS 10

Every now and then some of us tend to suffer from the struggle of remembering where we parked our car in a crowded parking lot. It may not happen all that often but when it does it can certainly cause an annoyance.

Apple's new iOS 10 has a feature to fix that problem as it helps to locate where you parked your car. The feature is automatic so it doesn't need to be turned on as it remembers where you parked your vehicle and directs you back to it conveniently. The iPhone's GPS recognizes that except for your location based as "home", any area you stop at it will take note that you parked your vehicle and walked away.

On your way back to the car, Maps will tell you the distance back, the shortest route to take and exactly how to get there with just a few simple taps. Pretty helpful for the people who may be forgetful and could use a little guidance.

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