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Hyundai to create 400 km EV by 2020

It looks like the bar is just getting set higher and higher when it come to range on EV models. The South Korean company Hyundai is promising a 400 km range model by 2020. What is incredible about the 400 km range that Hyundai is vowing to create is that it is about double the range that some other automotive companies are planning to make.

Hyundai is looking to keep competitive in the Chinese EV market with other brand vehicles such as Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3 being known competitors. Hyundai will likely release new electric vehicles every 2 years up until 2020 as the automotive company tries to keep its pace in the highly competitive and growing market.

More range on electric vehicles is exactly what consumers like to hear and is quite enticing for someone looking to jump ship from gas to electric motoring.

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