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Second Annual Maple City Classic Car Auction Produces some Excellent Results

Last weekend's collector car auction in Chatham Ontario produced some excellent results for both buyers and sellers.

"The quality of the vehicles on hand was very high", said Rick Walker host of the SST Car Show. "We came out to cover the event, and were impressed by the selection. The prices were strong, and a high percentage of the vehicles crossing the block sold".

Click on the Video Above to Watch Some Auction Highlights

Some of the high end vehicles selling included a 39 Ford Deluxe Convertible, which produced a sale price of $93,500.00. The car was immaculate with gorgeous black paint, and mechanically the vehicle was flawless.

A 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Resto Mod Convertible sold for $77,000.00. The car was beautifully put together and combined old school looks with modern components to make it a better handling and more forgiving ride. A second Corvette, of 1965 vintage sold for an impressive $66,000.00. It was done up in a spectacular light blue, and was also in excellent shape making it show worthy and without doubt an excellent car to drive.

"We want to focus on quality," said Dan Spendick just prior to the sale. Spendick is the owner of CCP Auctions which produces the Maple City Classic Car Auction. "It is important to bring in quality cars, and people who buy just for price usually end up paying more in the long run anyway".

Prices at auctions have been higher in the past year, due largely to the increase in the U.S. dollar. The U.S. car market sets the bar for the entire industry.

The weekend auction was the second installment of the Maple City Classic Car Auction, which is slated to be an annual event at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham.

CCP Auctions also produces the Classic Car Auction of Toronto each spring and fall. Those sales are Canada's largest. The next sale will be held October 28th to 30th at the International Centre in Mississauga Ontario. For a complete list of vehicles sold, and information on the next auction visit:

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