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Mercedes-Benz shows off new Golf Cart

If you like Mercedes-Benz and are a fan of Golf then this might just be the perfect combination for you. The German automotive company has been working on a Golf cart called the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car. It was created for a competition to design the golf cart of the future.

Garia provided the 3 kilowatt motor which gives the vehicle a 50 mile range allowing it to easily cover an 18 hole golf course. It has a top speed of 19 mph. What sets this new golf cart apart from the pack is it's Mercedes-style grille, hawkish headlamps and five-spoke alloys. Truly a luxury golf cart.

It is not short on technology either as it comes with a iPad-style touchscreen that exhibits data such as speed, range and power use. People can also drive in comfort while listening to the Bluetooth audio system or relax and grab a refreshing drink from the fridge under the bench seat.

This is sure to be a quality golf cart but one thing is for sure and that is it won't be cheap.

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