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500 electric vehicle charging stations being built in Ontario

Good news for those with electric vehicles in Ontario. The province plans to add 500 electric charging stations across the region. The new stations will allow people to travel from Toronto to North Bay, Windsor to Ottawa and around major urban areas. Some station locations will include workplaces, public spaces and highways. The plan from the provincial government is for many drivers to turn away from fuel vehicles and hop onto electric. It is without question that electric vehicles are much better for the environment compared to gas fueled vehicles and the provincial government wants to give the incentive for driver's to make the switch over. This will also help commuters with range anxiety who are concerned about the distance their electric vehicle can travel compared to traditional vehicles. The government says about 7000 electric vehicles are on the road today in Ontario and wants electric cars to make up five per cent of new vehicle sales by 2020. The stations are expected to be in service by the end of March in 2017.

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