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Dodge Challenger Hellcat's Next-Gen Model could reach 750 HP

707 used to be the Dodge‘s magic number for the Challenger Hellcat but that might change in the next coming years. The next-generation Dodge Challenger that is set to release in 2019 is expected to be smaller and lighter.

With the Challenger being in need of an update, this will be good news for those who follow the brands models. Another good thing automotive junkies will like to hear is that the new Challenger Hellcat model is expected to get up to 750 horsepower, eclipsing the 707 hp before it. This can be thanks to the supercharged V8 that will be under the Hellcats hood. If the Charger gets a Hellcat model then it is expected to have the same engine under the hood.

Expect to see a mix of V6 and V8 engines when the new Challenger arrives but there is no word on a turbo-four just yet.

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