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My Son's First Ford Test Drive...His Perspective on the "FOCUS"

Recently I took my Son Ryan for a test drive. He is looking at the new Ford Focus so we went to a "Drive One For Your Community Event"...put on by the Victory Ford Dealership in Chatham Ontario. The way it works is pretty simple. You test drive a car...and Ford donates money to charity. In the process the dealership gets your name and contact info, so maybe down the road they can send you information on special offers, and maybe after the test drive you will like the car and buy one.


Ryan in the New Ford Focus - At the Victory Ford Drive Event in Chatham

Well Ryan is heading off to College so he is looking for reliable wheels. Maybe...just maybe this Focus is the car he needs.

The new Ford Focus is tight...and by that we mean...the car has no squeaks or rattles. The car feels tight on the corners with confidence. The steering tracks true and the steering wheel provides good road feel.

The Focus sits on a European developed chassis, and the result is a modern car that feels agile.

The base engine is a two litre four cylinder...and it produces more than enough power for a car this size.

The transmission on this car is smooth. This model was equipped with auto stick, so if youŕe feeling sporty and want to shift on your own, you can.

There are also other engine options...including a small 1.0 litre turbocharged well as an electric version.

There is plenty of cargo space, and lots of leg room in the back seat. The seats are also supportive. The interior feels more upscale than most cars in it class.

"It rides pretty smooth, and it is quiet inside. I like the seats too", said Ryan. "It's a good car, because it is kind of sporty, but at the same time you can get a lot of stuff in it".

Projected fuel economy of about 40 miles per gallon on the highway make the car even more attractive.

We only had the car for a short time so its hard to say if the stated fuel economy figures are accurate.

The Focus...has good lines. Itś attractive. Itś tight. Itś practical and affordable.

Ryan is still undecided. He wants to look at a range of options, before doing anything but he does like the Focus, and says it's a car that is the running for his first set of wheels. Ryan says..."The new Ford Focus is: SST Approved".

After the test drive - New Ford Focus - Ryan Walker SST Car Show

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