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Rear and Side Mirrors could soon be no more

With how technology is evolving within vehicles, it should be no surprise cars could be looking very different in the next few years. One of those examples could be cars without rear and side view windows. Mirror-less cars have been approved to drive on the roads by Japan's transportation ministry as long as the vehicles meet certain standards.

Camera's could end up replacing the mirrors as long as they offer the same views as the rear and side mirrors provided. Making sure the transition from mirrors to cameras is safe is a very big deciding factor in the project going forward. Driving a car without side mirrors has some people believing a vehicle could be built more aerodynamic and that cameras also have a better field of vision than a mirror. While this can be true, the difference in fixing a broken camera compared to a mirror could be quite expensive. What the mirror has going for it is practicality and cheap to repair while camera's offer more capability but more expensive to fix. The added camera technology replacing the mirrors could also hike up vehicle prices with the extra technology installed.

Rear view camera's are already quite popular in new vehicles as they can gauge the objects behind you so no collision occurs but a car full of cameras will certainly make for a big change.

Vehicle manufacturing is changing and this is one step in the new direction.

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