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Autonomous tech could cost Auto industry $25 billion by 2020

Well no one said it was going to be cheap. The cost of autonomous driving features is set to surge near the end of the decade as automakers continue to spend money on the technology. One of the automakers planning to be spending a lot of the money is India-based Mahindra. The auto company is devising a plan to create autonomous electric vehicles under it's own brand as the Indian government wants all of its vehicles to be battery-electric by 2030.

According to the AlixPartners report, technology that can allow vehicles to steer, stop or speed up by themselves is planned to cost about $25 billion by 2020. Research from Dolcera and IHS Automotive believe electronic navigation maps and collision-avoidance systems could cost automakers up to $15 billion while radar and ultrasonic sensors could reach $10 billion.

The recent news of the autonomous driving incidents from Tesla Motors have not deterred the course. As more is invested in the technology, the safer and more efficient autonomous driving will become.

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