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Aston Martin Reveals New Hypercar Plans - With Red Bull Formula One Team

Aston Martin / Red Bull Hypercar is a joint project between the newly partnered companies.

Aston Martin has revealed a V12-powered mid-engine hypercar created in harmony with with Formula One's Red Bull Racing. The car has been codenamed the AM-RB 001. Itś a two-seater that will arrive to market, in 2018 and will be built on a lightweight carbon-fiber platform.

The AM-RB-001 will be assembled at Aston's Gaydon facility in the United Kingdom. Aston says between 99 and 150 road versions will be made, including the prototypes. Twenty five models will be created specifically for track use.

Red Bull is boasting about the list of customers that want one. They say the list "reads like a who's who of F1 legends, moguls, and megastars."

Aston and Red Bull announced a partnership in March and the new Hypercar project is one the first results.

The partners are promising "unprecedented levels of downforce" created by aerodynamic elements underneath the car.

The V12 will be naturally aspirated. The transmission and suspension are completely new designs developed by Red Bull. Perhaps the most impressive numbers listed, come from the car´s power to weight ratio which will be one horsepower to one kilogram, or 2.2 pounds.

New Aston Martin / Red Bull Hypercar will be built on a carbon fibre chassis.

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