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Dodge Adding More Special Edition Vipers due to Recent Sales

It looks like the news of the Viper's 25th Anniversary edition going on sale drew in quite a bit of Viper Collectors. Dodge sold 206 cars in just 5 days which is an average of about 41 sales per day. In the month of May alone only 241 Vipers were sold which shows how successful these special edition vehicles have been.

Due to the demand of the Vipers, Dodge will now be adding a sixth special edition for it's last production year. It will be called the Snakeskin ACR and there is expected to be itleast 31 vehicles made. With no photos released yet of the sixth special edition vehicle, take a look at the Snakeskin GTC as it should be close in appearance.

It appears it only took the 1:28 Edition ACR only 40 minutes to sell all 28 vehicles, not leaving much time for consumers to get their hands on them. It recommended to act fast when this last line of vehicles go on sale for as we could see, they won't be available for long.

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