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Bentley Forced to Remove Video From Youtube - Controversy Erupts.

Bentley has been forced to remove a controversial promotional video from youtube, after running up against a complaint and friction with Australia's Advertising Standards Bureau.

The film depicts Australian racing legend John Bowe, driving a Bentley Continental GT Speed. In the video he hits speeds of more than 200 Miles Per Hour!

The video is to say the least....SPECTACULAR.

The speeds reached are breath taking. The videography is exceptional.

However a complain was lodged by long time anti speeding campaigner Harold Scrubby, who is the chairman of the Pedestrian Council in Australia, who says "the ad glorifies speed, and shows incredibly dangerous behaviour".

On the road where the video was shot there is no speed limit. There is a full crew and no other cars appear on the road during the video. There also appears to be a system of visual monitoring and assistants checking for obstructions or hazzards and the crew communicates using radios.

The Advertising Standards Bureau decided the ad is in breach of its standards, because it portrays someone driving in excess of speed limits in most of Australia.

Bentley has complied with the ruling, by pulling the ad from Youtube, however it is still available through some media outlets, including SST, which has decided to run the video for purposes of review.

Senior editorial staff with SST decided the video needs to be seen to facilitate proper discussion surrounding the issue of its removal from Youtube. However the editorial staff with SST has also made it clear that in no way is the reposting of the video intended to encourage speeding on public roadways or hazardous driving of any kind.

SST readers and viewers are encouraged to share their opinions through the SST Social media channels, where an open discussion surrounding the issues is now taking place.

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