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Paris Bans Cars made before 1997, with More Restrictions coming

In an effort to curb pollution Paris has started the process of banning cars built before 1997. The ban will prevent older cars from coming into the city of Paris. Vehicles registered before 1997 will face fines if they are driven into city limits between 8a.m., and 8p.m.

The restrictions will grow over time, and by 2020 the ban will involve all cars registered before 2010. Window stickers will be affixed to vehicles allowing police to identify offenders easily.

The current ban which took effect last Friday, affects about ten percent of the vehicles on the road. That amounts to about 30,000 vehicles right now.

It is the most dramatic attempt to curb the use of older vehicles and control traffic in a major European city to date.

Critics say it will affect low income drivers most, because they are most likely to drive older vehicles. It will also affect owners of classic vehicles.

The ban was announced a year ago, but is just being implemented now. Those opposed to the new rules argue the new rules are the result of socialist idealists like Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who promoted the ban, and they say it will hurt the economy, hurt the poor most, and will do little to truly reduce pollution.

Those in favor of the ban say it is needed because Paris has smog problems on par with some of the most polluted cities in the world including Beijing. - sst car show news

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