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Volkswagen to pay up to $7000 to Diesel Owners

If you are one of the people to have gotten their hands on a Volkswagen that had the diesel issue that causes 40 times the permitted amounts of smog-forming nitrogen oxides, then some fortunate news may be coming your way.

According to reports it appears Volkswagen will be paying between $1,000 and $7,000 to the owners of these diesel fuel vehicles. How much money will be given will depend on the vehicles age and some other determining factors. It is believed that all the vehicles affected by the issue will not be able to get resolved to the standard of the EPA which may result in them having to buy some of the vehicles back or extra payments to the environmental fund. The auto company has also agreed to supply a grant program to negate air pollution.

Volkswagen has admitted to tampering with the diesel emissions test since 2009.

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