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Most expensive Tires sold in Dubai breaks World Record

Dubai is quite known for it's extravagant super cars and being known as a city for it's high class vehicles makes it no surprise that the world's most expensive tires were sold in the desert city.

The Guinness World Record breaking price of the tires came to $600,000 which is 2.2 million Dubai dirhams. The tires were one of a kind and made by Dubai's Z Tyre and China's Sentury Tire.

To get the finished product, it all started off with Z1 performance tires and the rubber was sent to Italy where artisan jewelers placed specific diamonds on them. The tires also had been coated with Gold Leaf by Abu Dhabi.

It is crazy to think how many nice cars could have been bought for the price of those 4 tires but that is exactly what took place. Let's hope the owner takes very good care of them.

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