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Nikola Motor Company has 7000 pre-orders in 1 month for new electric semi

According to the Nikola Motor Company twitter account, it looks like they had a great month as they state they made 2.3 billion dollars in pre-orders for their new big rig. The new companies all electric semi-trucks is said to have received 7,000 orders in just one month alone.

The pre-orders for the Nikola One Semi is reported to sell for just $1,500 and is refundable. Nikola Motor Companies total cost for the vehicle is $375,000 which when paired with 7,000 sales brings them over the 2 billion mark. This is quite an impressive feat as this electric semi-truck has certainly taken off and is certainly a success for this new automotive company.

Nikola plans to reveal a working prototype of the One in Utah on December 2nd 2016.

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