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BMW Chief envisions cars with Artificial Intelligence

Technology is always advancing and every year new steps are taken that broaden our scope of what we think is currently possible. BMW Chief Harald Krueger is looking at the future and believes automotive vehicles will soon have artificial intelligence. "Just imagine you get into your car and it recognises straight away what mood you're in," he said.

With how far robotics and engineering has come it's not hard to believe it's possible but that the steps are in place to make it come true so soon is quite the feat. The BMW's Vision Next is already showing the advances being made as it has a companion which continuously gets to know the driver so that it can support them in any driving situation. The Vision Next learns your driving style and the routes you like to take so that it can help you on an individual level on how to handle certain situations that you would find most comfortable. The heads-up display that is on the windshield always gives the driver the right information at the right time which gives a sense of security to your driving experience.

"The companion in the Vision Next 100 car is just that: a real companion that gets to know you as a person and responds to you as an individual," Krueger said.

BMW is looking to employ artificial intelligence experts as they continue to develop the Vision Next 100 into a production model. The iNEXT is set to launch in 2021.

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