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SST Car Show SuperModels Race SuperCars in New Movie - For "That Car Place"

Two Ontario fashion models, who are signed to SuperModels America, are now featured in an entertaining and exciting new short video movie that was recently shot at the St. Thomas Raceway Park.

Jessica Killoran, who is also and SST Car Show reporter and video editor, and Alison Matte who has also appeared on the SST Car show, star in the drag racing movie which depicts a competition between supercars. A Dodge Viper and a Nissan GT-R square off at the track with Jessica and Alison in the drivers' seats.

The movie was produced by "That Car Place" London Ontario's fastest growing used car dealership. The cars came from the dealership inventory and owner Diya Rashmawi

says racing the cars at the track was blast.

"It's a battle between two awesome cars. One a North American Sports Car that uses raw power coming from a ten cylinder engine to compete, and the other an import with all the latest technology including all wheel drive and traction control. It was fun to shoot and I think people will be entertained and surprised by the result," said Rashmawi.

The St. Thomas Raceway is the official SST Car Show test track, and SST executive producer Rick Walker was also called upon to assist with cinematogrpaphy, scripting and directing. The video was edited by Nathan Casselman of Maverick Multimedia. Staff at the car dealership were called upon to assist with some small supporting roles in the movie.

"It's a short movie, not a commercial", said Walker. "It will be distributed on the internet and yes it is a promotional tool for "That Car Place", but like many corporate video promotions today, this movie is more about telling a story, and entertaining a new on line audience. Traditional 30 second commercials can still work, but this is a more current approach that puts product and brand placement in the background, and the brand sponsorship allows us to produce a movie that can be shared with viewers free of charge. It's better for viewers and ultimately better for the brand and company".

The move can be seen on the "That Car Place" YouTube Channel, and will also be posted on the "SST Car Show" Website.

It will also be distributed on Facebook and on other social media platforms.

"It's the ultimate test drive", said Walker. "The movie shows two fantasy cars in motion, and shows viewers that owning something like these supercars is actually within reach financially for a lot of people, especially if they buy used instead of new. What's more, people can actually call up the dealership and book a test drive of their own, and the video honestly does make people want to do that. It's a lot of fun".

Click on the video window to view the movie.

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