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Tesla Model S 60 will start at low price of $66,000

If you ever wanted to get yourself into a quality vehicle like Tesla then now is the time. The Tesla Model S starting price is now set at $66,000. That's a $4000 difference from the previous S 60 model that was priced at $70,000.

The great part is the vehicle is still high quality despite the drop in price. It can reach up to the 200 mile range in just one charge and has a 75-kWh battery pack inside. if you feel the 200 miles is not enough you can upgrade to a better battery pack to increase the range. All Tesla Model S 60's come with the autopilot feature.

There is also a Tesla Model S 60D which is the all-wheel drive version that is available. The D stands for dual motors which will give the car a more surer footing in bad weather on the roads because of the addition of a second motor. There are plenty of advantages to owning a Tesla like having less maintenance and new features being available from software updates but now a lower cost model is one of them.

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