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Analysis Forecasts Millions of Autonomous Vehicles Worldwide by 2035

A startling prediction was announced by IHS Automotive earlier today; by 2035, over 20 million both fully and semi autonomous vehicles will be available for purchase globally. IHS specializes in analyzing data to help companies and governments forecast future trends in society and in specific industries. IHS has a dedicated automotive division.

For many, autonomous driving seems unrealistic, idealistic, and essentially something that would definitely not be readily available in the near-future. There are a variety of complications surrounding autonomous driving such as government regulations, liabilities, and mere shopper acceptance.

However, it is anticipated that the U.S. will overcome these barriers, taking the forefront by primary distribution of autonomous vehicles. IHS claims that within 15 short years, the U.S. will be responsible for dispersing nearly 5 million of these peculiar automobiles. Comparable to a little over 1 million in Japan and South Korea as well.

So what facets influenced this forecast? A combination of an evaluation of the current market growth, current commenced projects, involving deliberation between car manufacturers and varying companies.

A statement from IHS expresses their awareness of how problematic autonomous driving can be, and the hurdles blocking the way to making autonomous driving a ‘normal’ thing. Along with the fact that an array of U.S. states are already in the process of testing autonomous automobiles, but are still premature in the procedure of developing regulations.

“There’s opportunity here for the government, for cities, however they look at this,” says principal analyst at IHS, Jeremy Carlson, “The opportunity can bring more than drawback,” Carlson continued on to say “IHS expects entirely new vehicle segments to be created, in addition to traditional vehicles adding autonomous capabilities. Consumers gain new choices in personal mobility to complement mass transit, and these new choices will increasingly use battery electric and other efficient means of propulsion.”

Autonomous driving is already here, and it is something that is almost inevitably going to be readily available to millions in the near future.

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