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RetroFest 2016 is under way in Chatham

Chatham's local car show has begun as RetroFest is under way in downtown Chatham. The event has a lot to offer to car enthusiasts of the community as their is a wide array of unique classic vehicles worth seeing up close and in person.

The event started off early this year at 11am as it's looking for a way to bring in people before the 6pm Classic cruise starts. To do that there is live entertainment, vendors and a beverage garden at the event all day before the main event takes place.

From amusement park rides to face paintings and even a soap box derby, RetroFest has a lot to offer. Of course the vehicles are the main attraction but there is plenty of fun to be had all throughout the weekend. TV's Dennis Gage from "My Classic Car" will also be in attendance filming for his show this weekend so be sure to see him around.

With so much going on be sure to check out the fun and exciting event that is RetroFest all weekend long in the historic downtown Chatham area.

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