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Driver sleeps while Tesla's Autopilot takes the wheel

In the video above, a driver of a Tesla Model S is seen sleeping at the wheel as the vehicle calmly moves through traffic. Although this may seem like a smart way to take advantage of the semi-autonomous Autopilot feature, it doesn't condone the idea of safe driving as no one would like to look over to the vehicle next to them and see a driver asleep at the wheel. Autonomous driving is designed to still have an alert driver.

Autonomous driving is still quite an amazing technology though. It keeps your car at a safe distance between vehicles while staying in between the lane markings. It also causes the vehicle to brake if something suddenly appears on the road ahead. The driver must still be alert to take control of the wheel at any time as the vehicle will display alerts to do so.

Automotive companies take great care in providing safety in their vehicles so that drivers can feel safe and secure. With technologies being implemented into vehicles such as autonomous driving and rear backup cameras, vehicles are becoming safer and smarter than ever before. As far as a driver being able to sleep behind the wheel, we are not quite there yet and may never be.

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