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Hyundai plans to release 250-mile EV by 2020

A lot of talk these days in the automotive world can be linked to electric vehicles. With EV's being all the rage these days it is no surprise motor companies are trying to find ways to distance themselves in this new technology from the pack.

That's where Hyundai comes in. It has been announced that the South Korean Motor Company plans to release a 250-mile electric vehicle by 2020. Byung Ki Ahn, Hyundai's director, revealed the plans to the public while also stating a 200-mile EV will also be released for 2018

The upcoming Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt EV models are shooting for a target of 200-miles on a single charge so this information of Hyundai planning to release a 250-mile EV shows the direction of what automotive companies will try to achieve year after year by breaking the distance on a single charge barrier.

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