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SST finds and Shares Pre-Star Wars Car Video - from past Fleetwood Country Cruize In Car Show

The Bond Bug, was a futuristic three wheeled car that built in the 1970's, and what most people don't know is that the car served as inspiration for Luke Skywalker's landspeeder in the original Star Wars film.

The SST Car Show crew found one of these Bond Bugs at the Fleetwood Country Cruise In, the largest outdoor car show in Canada and we pulled the video to share with you.

The cars never sold very well, and if you watch the video you will learn why.

The Fleetwood Country Cruise In is happening again this year, June 4th and 5th at the Steve Plunkett Estate, 9282 Elviage Drive London Ontario. The car show attracts tends of thousands of visitors who come to be entertained and to find high quality and rare automobiles like the Bond Bug featured here.

We can't wait to see what this year's car show brings.

Find out more about the upcoming event at

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