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A Lamborghini Taxi? Yup.

There are taxis...and now there are SUPER Europe. The Wolverhampton City Council has just granted a taxi license to "Special Wedding Cars", a company that offers specialty vehicles like the Lamborghini Huracan for special occasions, and now as taxis.

The municipal council has licensed the use of an outlandishly green Huracan as a taxi cab, making the supercar the first its kind to get a that kind of license in the United Kingdom.

"Special Wedding Cars", also offers the use of a white 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo for things like weddings, and also offers London taxis, and a doubledecker bus. However the Huracan is unusual because the taxi license means it can legally be used by the company for any kind of trip, either short haul, passenger, special occasion....anything.

The Huracan is a true supercar with a top speed over two hundred miles per hour. The Lamborghini has a five-litre engine.

Photo credit: News Release - Special Wedding Cars

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