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Nissan Creates Record 400 Horsepower From Tiny 1.5 Litre Engine

Nissan has turned the world of automotive engineering upside down with a new engine that has the dsiplacment of a soda pop bottle, but generates 400 horsepower!

The new engine has shocked and amazed those in the automotive industry, because the engine weighs just 40kg or 88lbs.

It's named the DIG T-R, and the three cylinder 1.5 litre engine has a power to weight ratio of 10HP per kilo, which is better than even formula 1 racing engines. It is in fact one of the most efficient performance engines ever built.

Carried aboard Nissan’s Zero Emmission ZEOD the 500mm tall, 400mm long, and 200mm wide (19.68 x 15.74 x 7.78 in) ...It comes from Nissan's new design goal of reducing size and weight to achieve better performance.

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