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A Better Way to Buy a Car? Toronto's Stark Auto Sales Expands Insurance Claim Auction Business t

Toronto based Stark Auto Sales is expanding its operations and that means more people will have more access to insurance claim recovery vehicles.

An insurance claim vehicle is a vehicle that may have been in an accident, or may have been stolen and later recovered. For consumers it creates a supply of parts cars, salvage vehicles, repairable wrecks, and in some cases a supply of damage free cars, trucks, and suv's that can be licensed and driven. Theft recoveries are the vehicles that are most likely to be damage free.

Stark Auto Sales got is start back in the 1960's when Benny Stark opened a salvage operation. The Toronto company grew and its operations on Union street evolved into an auction business, that has had a huge positive impact on the local community. Today Stark Auto Sales hold weekly auctions and employs dozens of people.

"We believe it's a better way for people to buy a car" said Stephen Stark. "You can save a lot especially if you can repair a car yourself."

Body shops, garages, and others in the auto industry also use the auction service as source for auto parts.

The expansion involves setting up new locations in Ottawa and Montreal. Those bidding can inspect the vehicles in lots if they show up for the auctions in person. People can also bid online. Stark ships vehicles worldwide.

The now weekly auctions in Toronto feature everything from mini vans to exotic sports cars. Premium vehicles are also on display in the main showroom at the Stark facility in Toronto and are always available for purchase to someone for the right price. People can save as much as 40% on an Aston Martin, a BMW, a Mercedes Benz, or any other premium vehicle that happens to find its way into the Stark Inventory.

The company usually buys the insurance claim vehicles outright and then resells them to the public, providing a service to both the insurance companies and consumers.

Of course many of the vehicles are just parts cars because the damage is so extensive, but there are opportunities for individuals to purchase drivable vehicles and to save a bundle in the process. It's surprising to find out who has purchased vehicles from Stark's. Some TV Personalities, and celebrities have used the service to purchase exotics. Only they know how little they paid to drive around in a high end luxury or sports car.

The full story on the Stark Auto Sales expansion is told in the attached SST Car Show video.

"We aren't the biggest in Canada yet", said Stephen Stark. "Hopefully we will get there though".

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