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Muscle in Toronto as Classics Sold to Highest Bidders by CCP Auctions

Muscle cars are generating the most excitement at today's Classic Car Auction of Toronto.

A split window 63 Corvette is one of the highlight vehicles. A BMW Z3 Roadster just sold for ten grand.

The classics are still to come really, because most have not crossed the block yet. The crowd continues to grow here, as buyers and sellers are joined by spectators.

As this article is being written a 1961 Pontiac Catalina is being sold. It shot straight to $32,500 and the bidding is still ongoing. Body off frame restoration, with a car from Arizona which means rust free, and done up in champagne gold it is a prime example of the quality cars being sold at this spring's auction.

The auction is Canada's largest, and the sale provides a snap shot of collector car market conditions.

Earlier this morning, some Toronto Maple Leaf Jerseys were auctioned for charities, by former Leafs players.

Some high dollar Mopars, and Corvettes will be sold soon....and as we close off this post...the Catalina sells for $37,000.

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