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Holy Grail of Corvettes Sells in Toronto - But wait till you See the Price!

1963 was the only year they made the split window Corvette.

It's rare, so when one crossed the auction block at the Classic Car Auction of Toronto this afternoon it understandably generated a lot of interest.

At first it looked like the bids might not surpass the reserve on the car but then there was a break through and the price shot over $90,000 to close at a bargain $96,000. Still a lot of money, but in split window terms it's a bargain none the less. They generally sell for a lot more.

The car is a numbers matching example, and what makes it even more valuable was original mileage of about 48,000 miles.

It has been expertly restored and was one of the highlight vehicles at the auction produced by CCP Auctions. The event attraced a standing room only crowd for the afternoon sale of the split window Vette.

The sale continues until the early evening hours at the International Centre in Mississauga, and tomorrow. More Vettes will cross the block tonight and tomorrow.

The full list of consigned vehicles can be found at

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