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Classic Car Auction Begins with sales of Automotive Memorabilia

The Classic Car Auction of Toronto is underway, but before the cars cross the block the excitement is beginning with the sale of automotive memorabilia.

Some vintage gas pumps have been selling for as much as $6000. Neon signs, gas station ornaments, and children's arcade rides are all up for grabs. The sale produced by CCP Auctions, has the biggest selection of antiques in the history of the event this weekend. Most of the memorabilia is being sold tonight, but some will be held back for tomorrow.

Supertest, White Rose, and Esso are just some of the brand names that are being sold off for big bucks this weekend.

Check out the video attached to this story, for a taste of things to come this weekend.

Cars will start cross the block about 6:30pm tonight. More memorabilia will be sold tomorrow morning. The auction continues through Sunday.

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