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Supercar Maker Koenigsegg posts "Prince" Tribute Car

Prince Tribute Car from Koenigsegg

Christian von Koenigsegg is a huge Prince fan. The rock legend passed away last Thursday at the young age of 57, so that night Koenigsegg wrapped up a special tribute car...a purple-wrapped CCXR, with the caption "Purple - in memory of Prince posted on its facebook page. "RIP Kid", said the caption. Gone way too soon."

Koenigsegg then posted a Regera in the same hue on Friday. The comment "'Lila Regera' in Swedish was posted on facebook. The post is translates roughly in english as "Purple Reign".

You won't likey see one of the "Purple Reign" supercars on the street anytime soon. There is a two year waiting list for a custom made-to-order limited edition Regera.

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