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Nissan EV Ad Takes Aim at Tesla

Nissan is poking fun at Tesla in a new ad campaign that promises "no waiting in line".

Tesla has been overwhelmed with pre-orders to the tune of about 400,000 for the new Tesla Model 3 which was recently unveiled. However the Tesla model 3 isn't due to arrive until sometime until 2017 and some people will likely end up waiting more than two years to take delivery. It's just the way the math works out when you look at the number of pre-orders versus the company's production capacity.

The Nissan Ad ( print version ), asks "why wait when you can drive an all-electric Leaf today? And why wait in line wehn you can get $4000 cash back and best in class range?"

So it seems Nissan is not only taking a jab at its electric vehicle competitor the company is also putting its money where its mouth and advertising is.

Nissan has made a commitment to electric car technology and its development, as has Tesla. Nissan executives have said they want to be a market leader in EVs. Time will tell. The video attached to this story certainly outlines Nissan's vision of an Electric Car future and it looks exciting.

The new Leaf will cost you less too. The Leaf sells for about $29,860 before the rebates and incentives. A Tesla 3 which is aimed at the masses as an "affordable" electric car will sell for about $35,000. Those are U.S. prices by the way.

Nissa Leaf Ad takes a shot At Tesla Waiting Period

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