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Moon Car Prototype Going to Auction

A prototype for the original lunar rover is being auctioned off.

The very basic version of the moon buggy was almost lost forever, when the owner passed away and it was sold for scrap. Fortunately the prototype electric vehicle was not crushed ( as some "news sites" had incorrectly reported ), and it has now resurfaced for auction.

The prototype moon buggy has no doors, no windows, or roof. It had a top speed of about eight miles per hour, but it is doubtful it actually still drives, because weather has taken a toll o the aluminum frame and the vehicle's electronics.

The technology used makes the lunar rover prototype one of the first "practical" electric vehicles.

Auctioneers are estimate the vehicle, will command a selling price of well over $120,000, but of course it will be worth whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay for it. The vehicle was officially named the Local Scientific Survey Module,

This prototype was never launched into space, but according to the auction company it was driven by some pretty cool famous people, like rocket pioneer Wernher von Braun, who helped the U.S. reach the moon after helping Germany develop the V2 rocket in World War II.

"It represents the intense effort, study and technical innovation that went into making the Apollo program a great success," said The president of Boston based RR Auctions.

Bidding takes place online and ends on April 21st. There is a big market for lunar collectibles, especially NASA collectibles. Last year the same auction company sold an astronauts watch for $1.6 million.

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