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Mitsubishi Admits Tampering with Fuel Economy Test Data

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has gotten themselves into quite the predicament as they have recently admitted to tampering with test data involving 625,000 vehicles. The data was manipulated to improve the fuel-economy claims. It is suspected the load placed on the tires was manipulated in order for the performance of the fuel economy to appear better than it actually was.

It was the Nissan Motor Corp. who discovered the issue as they were testing the vehicles they were supplied to by Mitsubishi. The companies are in talks about reimbursements for the vehicles in some form of compensation for the matter,

As the issue has taken place in Japan, Mitsubishi is left to investigate if the cheating has affected the overseas models as well.

This problem comes at a time where Volkswagen had just recently taken a credibility hit for their emissions scandal to make their diesel engines look cleaner than they actually were. Down the line this may cause trust issues with consumers that could effect sales of Mitsubishi vehicles in the future.

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