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Elon Musk ready to Profit Big Time off Tesla

A gargantuan pay day for Elon Musk appears to be just around the corner, because he has apparently reached half of all the goals he promised he would reach in his contract with the company he founded Tesla Motors. The result: Musk is about to access 5.27 million stock options worth more than a BILLION dollars according to some estimates.

Musk gets 10 percent of the options each time Tesla achieves a specified market value while at the same time reaching an operational achievement. Right now Musk has 2.64 million options worth $589 million. Musk is also the founder of Space X, but that's a whole different story.

Now he has to finish the Model 3, put it on sale, and hit sales targets of 200,000 and later 300,000 units. In addition the company must reach a market value of $43.2 billion. Right now Tesla is worth an estimated $33 billion dollars. If those goals are reached Musk's options would be worth $1.6 Billion.

The really funny thing is, that aside from the stock options Tesla pays Musk minimum wage, but according to some reports ( and Musk himself ), he does not cash those cheques. Musk holds 22 percent of Tesla shares though, and the current market value of those shares is $7 Billion, so it looks like Mr. Musk is doing o.k.

Elon Musk ( Tesla Photo )

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