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Ford has no plan for 200-mile Electric car in near future

As Tesla, General Motors and Nissan continue to take strides in the production of electric cars, Ford Motor Co. has no urgent plans to chase them.

Kevin Layden, Ford's director of electrification programs and engineering, said the new 2017 Ford Electric with it's 100-mile range will be enough distance for most daily commuters. The new 100-mile range is an upgrade from the 2016 Ford Electric model which only managed 76 miles.

The lower range is strategic as it allows the vehicle to use a smaller battery making it lighter and less expensive.

With Tesla Motors, Model 3, GM's Chevrolet Bolt Hatchback and Nissan's Leaf all promising to go over 200 miles on a single charge, it leaves Ford at the back of the pack.

Ford is sure that the 100 miles is a distance enough to satisfy most of the population and is sticking to the affordability of the 2017 Ford Electric being a major selling point.

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