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Anticipating the Fastest Jaguar EVER. Jaguar F-Type SVR

Summer is almost upon us, which makes us long for the Jaguar F-Type R we test drove last year, but also anticipate the new F-Type SVR, which will be even faster.

The SVR version made its debut in Geneva in March, and it takes the supercharged V8 that knocked our socks off, to an even loftier place with an extra 25 horsepower. What is even more impressive is the car's ability to hit a full 200 miles per hour.

The F-Type pay homage to the iconic E-Type Jags of the 1960's, but it is so refined, and so versatile, we thought the R Type was darn near the perfect sports car. Then along comes this new SVR and well, we're drooling and hope we get some seat time in the sun this year.

Without getting behind the wheel we know we're almost certain to like the newer version. Improved aerdynamics, and computerized fuel control ensure even more robust performance.

In addition, the SVR has enlarged air-intakes, revised charge air coolers, and a inconel titanium exhaust system which reduces backpressure and cuts 35 pounds from the car.

Jaguar optimized the SVR's aerodynamics with a redesigned front bumper, splitter, new underbody, rear venturi tunnels and a deployable carbon fiber rear spoiler. With the use of carbon fiber body panels and the carbon ceramic matrix brakes, SVR can be as much as 11o pounds lighter than the regular F-Type. The result: a sports car capable of hitting 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. That's supercar territory folks. It's also the fastest Jag ever.

All this for about $128,000 U.S. for the convertible version. Slightly less for the coupe.

With all this anticipation, we just couldn't resist looking back at last year's ride. So we've included a link to some raw footage of the test drive with some comments.

Look for a full review of the SVR later this summer here on the SST Car Show.

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