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Why The GT-8 will be Aston Martin's Lightest Car Ever - And why you Can't Have One.

Aston Martin has unveiled it's upcoming GT8, a race inspired limited edition that is similar to the GT12.

It has already been offered to a select few, based only on a sketch of the car so they could keep the car under wraps until its official reveal, but the bad news is none of the cars will be coming to North America.

Only 150 will be built.

GT8 is based on the Vantage V8. It has a 4.7-liter powerplant with 446 horsepower.

The bodywork is rich in carbon fiber, making it the lightest Aston Martin ever.

Aston's Director of Special Projects and Motorsport, David King says the GT8 is the result of the companies longstanding desire to build a road car that reflects Aston Martin's connection to racing at Le Mans.

The car comes with either a six speed manual or seven speed sportshift II, with paddle shifters. For additional weight savings the car can be ordered with a carbon fibre roof.

Prices will come in around $230,000 U.S. with the first of the 150 being delivered late this year.

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