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New Ford GT now Available to a Select Few - "Ambassadors"

Ford has opened the application process for it's all new Ford GT. The company is selecting "ambassadors" for the brand. Applicants will need to go through an online applicaiton process, and that will continue to be the case for the next two years.

Ford will only produce 250 of the GTs in each of the first two years. New owners will go through a concierge service, which will help them personalize their GTs. It appears the concierge service is similar to the service Lincoln provides. GT lovers can go online and use a digital configutor to customize a GT to their liking and that is open to the general public. So even if you can't afford one of the cars you can still play with the design aspects online and fantasize.

No officials specs are available yet on the GT, but prices are expected to start around $450,000 U.S. There is ample use of carbon fibre and the cars carry that iconic style that comes from the original Ferrari killing GTs of the 60's.

Ford officials say they are looking for a specific kind of customer for the initial release. They are apparently looking for brand ambassadors who will actually drive the cars and the company would of course prefer to make the first units available to customers who have a stake in ford products. For instance company CEO's that use fords in their company fleets would be ideal choices, since they already have a commitment to the brand.

The Ford GT will be available is just eight colors, with additional color options for stripe packages.

seven colors. That won't stop us from playing with the configurator most of the day.

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