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Jaguar Looks at Alternative Fuels and Smaller Engines to Drive Performance Division - But Jury Still

Jaguar executives are now on record saying they have not ruled out smaller high performance engines for future vehicles.

Jaguar's P.R. director Richard Agnew says,"We can't possibly say that SVO ( Special Vehicle Operations ), has to be V-8, with the way the world is changing, and with the way engine technology is changing".

The comment was made and is being echoed following questions from journalists about pending stricter emissions rules for automakers and the growing electric vehicle market.

Agnew says many never thought 400 horsepower would come from four-cylinder-engines, and acknowledges that six cylinder power plants are a growing trend in performance cars too. Turbocharging and supercharging are also game changers, along with aluminum blocks, and better heads that breathe better.

Jaguar is planning at least one electric car, and Agnew says an SVR Badge ( Jaguar's symbol of high performance ), is a possibility even on an electric powered Jag.

Oh, by the way. Jaguar's new F-Type SVR is rated at 200 miles per hour. Of course it is powered by a supercharged five litre V-8, which is the staple high performance engine in the Jaguar lineup right now. Jaguar executives say there is still a long life ahead of that motor. They insist their high performance V8 can be pushed even harder to produce even more power with future updates, so say hello to new technology in the future, both new school and old school. There really seems to be only one question to answer in the near future. Which Jaguar will be the most fun to drive?

Jaguar F Type SVR - good for 200 mph

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