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Ford F-150 Scores Highest in Crash Tests with IIHS

The Ford F-150 Supercab has been given top marks in a new crash test undertaken by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The F-150 earned a "good rating on the important test which has a big influence on the market for new vehicle sales.

"Ford is leading the way among large pickup manufacturers when it comes to protecting people in a range of crashes and offering technology to warn drivers of imminent frontal crashes," said Raul Arbelaez, vice president of the IIHS Vehicle Research Center.

The test involved how vehicles witshstnad crashed involving front quarter strikes, with a fixed object. Pickups from several leading manufacturers were involved. The F-150 was the only pickup that did not allow moderate to severe intrusion of the vehicle structure into the cabin, which puts occupants at greater risk of injury.

The Ram 1500 Crew Cab and Ram 1500 Quad Cab scored lowest according to the IIHS.

The organization is urging truck makers that scored low on the test to consider redesigns.

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