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Nissan Vice President Looks for Excitement in Future Electric Cars

Nissan Senior Vice President Shiro Nakamura, says the automaker has a modular platform under development that could provide a platform for exciting new electric and gas powered vehicles. In an interview with a leading automotive publication, Nakamura says Nissan sees more possibilities in electric vehicles beyond the electric Leaf hatchback. He says there could be a sports car or a crossover coming in the years ahead. Nissan has developed concepts like the Esflow concept seen at the 2011Geneva Motor Show. It combined familiar Z-car styling with the Leaf. The IDx is another example of possible electric car styling and engineering.

Modular platforms could make producing more exciting vehicles like sports cars, and electric sports cars specifically more cost effective, because the cars would share parts across name plates. Nakamura says specifics of the new platform haven't been finalized. At this point they aren't even sure where they'll put the batteries but the idea is in motion. Nakamura says it will be about five years before vehicles on this new platform show up in showrooms, provided the project continues to move forward to completion.

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