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July 22 2019

Mustang Bullitt Review By: Rick Walker

The 2019 Mustang Bullitt is in a word...a monster. In this case a big bad green monster.


Ford is selling these special edition Bullitt Mustangs around the world. They are a tribute to the classic movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen which featured what was arguably the most famous car chase scene in movie history. McQueen's played a cop. His name was Bullitt, which is why the word Bullitt is spelled that way on the car. In fact the only badging on this car is on the back trunk, in the door sills, and under the hood where the word Bullitt is displayed. Other than that there is very little chrome. There is no Ford badging. There is no horse on the big black front grill. The Mustang featured in the 1968 film had no badging, so this tribute vehicle follows suit.


There is much that sets this apart from a standard Mustang GT.  The engine gets the intake from the Ford GT350, as well as the cold air intake. The engine breathes better. It is specially tuned. It pumps out more power.


The engine produces 480 horspeower and 420 foot pounds of torque.. That's 20 horsepower more than the Ford GT.


At each corner you will find special five spoke wheels, and behind them massive six piston Brembo Brakes. You have to get used to those brakes. They're sticky.

At each corner you will find special five spoke wheels, and behind them massive six piston Brembo Brakes. You have to get used to those brakes..they're sticky.


The wheels are big and wide. Michelin Pilot 4s sport tires keep the car glued to the pavement. The tires are really exceptional.


Have a seat behind the wheel and you will see that this is light years ahead of the Mustang Steve McQueen drove in the movie. The digital dash is your gateway to a ride that you can configure.  The flip of a toggle allows you to switch between a variety of driving modes, including Sport, Track, Drag Strip, and Normal.  You can also configure the exhaust, from quiet, to normal, to track mode which is really really loud.


You can also configure the steering mode. This car has electric assist steering not hydraulic. You can choose from comfort or sport mode settings.


There is no question this is a fast car. The top speed is reported to be 163 miles per hour. Not many people need to drive that fast, but if you ever do have need for that kind of speed, this car will deliver.


The other thing I like about this car is the e brake. It's a manual ebrake. Pull on it and it's connected to a cable. It isn't connected to a servo or some kind of electric motor. I just like that.

mustang bullitt cue ball shifter
2019 mustang bullitt full review sst car

The cue ball shifter knob is another nice touch that pays tribute to the original movie car. The six speed transmission shifts smoothly. The Bullitt also has active rev matching.  Personally I found the active rev matching annoying. When downshifting it isn't noticeable if you are hitting the shifts with the same rhythm as the computer, but there are times when you aren't downshifting and the active rev will trigger an rpm boost. I just prefer to have full control over the engine and the entire driving experience. Others may disagree.


When ford came out with this current generation of Mustang they really took the handling to a whole new level with a completely new front suspension and a new rear suspension.


This car weighs in at almost 38-hundred pounds. It does feel heavy at times, but that weight becomes less apparent when the car gets up to speed and the engine revs high. The Bullitt is at its best when the engine is revving high. This is not an old school straight line performance muscle car. The Bullitt can corner. It likes winding roads. It likes to rev high. It sits low enough to satisfy, but sits high enough to clear speed bumps, and the suspension is capable of soaking up bumps from potholes and even train tracks if necessary. It's a great road car.


Stand-up: "If you buy this car don't buy it because you are looking for attention. This car is stripped down. No badging so the average person will not really know what it is. I did have some car guys realize what it was when they got up close but not until they got within fifty feet of the car. So if you want a car that says look at me, you will want something flashier. This car is subtle, but once inside or up close car enthusiasts will appreciate it. To the average person though, they will see it drive by at a distance and think it is just another Mustang." 

Out test car came with Magna Ride. The electro-magnetic suspension is adjustable and it gives this Mustang Bullitt incredible handling characteristics.  


These leather Recaro sport seats are a $1500 option. The interior is classic Mustang but you will find green stitching on the seats and dash to match the highland green paint. The simulated brushed aluminum center piece on the dash is a nice touch, and the Bullitt Badge with vehicle number on the dash is a reminder this is a limited edition car.


Ford says these Mustang Bullitt's are a limited edition car, but it isn't clear how limited the production run might be.


Even with all that horsepower, the Bullitt delivers 15 miles per gallon in the city, and 24 miles per gallon on the highway.  The Bullitt Mustang will cost you about ten thousand dollars more than a Mustang GT, but I would say it is probably money well spent. I am just making a prediction but my guess is these cars will hold their value better, and you will lose less in depreciation over the long run with the Bullitt.


The Mustang competes with the Camaro and the Challenger, but really of the three the Mustang remains the best by far. The Camaro and Challenger are fine cars, but the Mustang feels tighter and feels like it is designed and built a bit better. It is a more refined car. The Bullitt edition takes it all to the next level. It's more than a Mustang. It's a piece of rolling movie memorabilia. For the money it offer incredible performance and value. It's a wicked ride and it is without a doubt SST approved.  Rick Walker SST Car Show News. 



VEHICLE TYPE:front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 2-door coupe

BASE PRICE:$47,590

ENGINE TYPE:DOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminum block and heads, port and direct fuel injection

Displacement:307 cu in, 5038 cc
Power:480 hp @ 7000 rpm
Torque:420 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm

TRANSMISSION:6-speed manual

Wheelbase:107.1 in 
Length:188.5 in 
Width:75.4 inHeight:54.3 in 
Passenger volume:83 cu ft 
Trunk volume:14 cu ft 
Curb weight (C/D est):3850 lb

Zero to 60 mph: 4.2 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 9.6 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 12.4 sec
Top speed: 163 mph

EPA FUEL ECONOMY:Combined/city/highway: 18/15/24 mpg

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